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Which Blasts can slow the advance of ALS?

My sister has recently been diagnosed with ALS- Lou Gherings Disease.  She has gluten, dairy and MSG sensitivities .  There isn't a cure for ALS, but what would be a healthy blast that could help slow this disease and the weakening of her muscles?

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5 years ago

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As you probably already know, keeping her as comfortable as possible is key - so looking to see what symptoms she is experiencing and then choosing lifestyle options, including foods/diet, to help alleviate those.
Here's a good general website Fact Sheet:

A study (done on mice, not humans) shows that a low-carb; higher fat diet may help slow the disease ( In addition, discuss w/ her Dr. protein requirements to help preserve any lean muscle mass. Higher protein options for the NutriBullet could be protein powders, nuts, seeds, beans, nut butters, cooked quinoa (gluten-free!)
In addition, bright colorful fruits and veggies won't hurt according to this study here:

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