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Is there a NutriBlast that will give me the same benefits as oatmeal?

I've had my NB for 3 days and am so excited about it!! I'm insulin dependent diabetic with elevated cholesterol (high BP too) and for years have had oatmeal for breakfast in both summer and winter - (Porridge we call it in the UK) - 30gm-1/4 cup organic rolled oats made with a water/milk mix and cooked for 3-4 minutes. This keeps the hunger pangs at bay throughout the morning, suposedly keeps a check on cholesterol and I'm told is slow release sugars for diabetes. Am I best sticking with this, or is there a nutriblast that I can substitute that will give the same benefits of the oatmeal (nothing with almond milk/coconut milk or soya though please - I'd rather stick to either cows milk or straight water please!) I'm also concerned that by increasing my fruit intake (though I do already have the recommended 5 portions fruit/veg pd) I'm going to be increasing my sugar intake. It seems that more than one NB pd, even with the 50:50 fruit and veg, will still give more fruit than I'm used to and therefore maybe upset my sugar balance?

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5 years ago

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I put rolled oatmeal in my morning Nutriblast, without cooking it. Keeps me full all morning. I use about 3 Tablespoons of it added to rest of the ingredients.
August 26, 2013
I do too! I've found that if I put more in, it tastes too much like oatmeal -- obscuring the flavor of the rest of the smoothie. 3 TBLSpoons is perfect!
Adding rolled oats to a NutriBlast is a great option! Also, check out some of the Diabetic-friendly Blast recipes we have right here on NL!!
It's best to use more veggies than fruit and also add in nuts, seeds, and other protein and fat sources to help slow the release of the sugar. Also, choosing lower GI fruits is another option.
Here's some helpful info!
Here's a good dessert recipe that is Diabetic friendly: (you can sub a different liquid if you'd like).

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