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Where can I find whey protein powder?

I'm looking for a whey protein powder with no soy lecithin added. I found one at swansons swu477.  Why do they add to whey protein, Soy lecithin and what is it?? Could someone look at this whey from swanson and let me know if this is a good one?

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5 years ago

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Swansons just called me. The product i was looking at does have Soy lecithin . Which is part of the soy. It is in about every thing from what i have been reading but only about 1%. He said it was to help things blend togeter. I talked to my Dr. and he said Not to use Alot of soy products, but little bit here and there would not hurt me. It is when people whom eat alot of soy have the problem.. So looks like whey will be saver to use then Reg. soy. Thanks.
How about some of these?
Here are some of my recommendations: (SOY FREE!) (this has soy lecithin, but it is organic - always choose organic if dealing with soy) (this may be soy-free, you'll need to call or verify - they sell it at some Whole Foods) (contains fermented soy that has been shown to not have the same ill effects that unfermented soy may produce).

Here's some more that I find good quality protein powders:

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