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What could be causing my gas?

Been Nutriblasting since 05/17/14. Mostly the same ingrediendts, mostly veges, not much fruit (due to low carb weight loss program). The last week and a half or two, I've been experiencing gas(?) That knotted feeling just below the middle of rib cage. Can't figure out what it could be. Is the answer to start over with maybe just a couple of ingredients and slowly add back in the "multitude" till I find which one is bothering me? My daily drink usually consists of: Spinach, chard, or kale then cucumber, celery, bell pepper, beet, mixed berries, guava and lemon or grapefruit, organic apple cider. I add milled flax seed, guana, turmeric; always

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4 years ago

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You may be overdoing it with all the foods you are adding. When gas and bloating becomes an issue, I always suggest simplifying your Blast recipe, going for just the basics and then slowly adding the foods you love. This may help you pinpoint which foods are actually causing your GI distress. Here is a great article that has more tips to decrease gas and bloating:

4 years ago

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Yes i read that article before posting my question. I guess what I want to hear is that the "knot" is a ball of gas caught in that specific spot in my intestinal tract till "expelled" in one form or another?!!!
It could be, but it is hard to say what exactly is going on in your body without having more information. If this continues to be a problem I would suggest meeting with a local RD (here is a link or following up with a GI doctor.

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