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What's a good diet for a type 3 diabetic who wants to lose weight?

I am a new user of the nutribullet, and i was wondering what is a good diet to follow. I am a type 3 diabetic, i have high blood pressure, thyroid problems, ibs, ulcers, and have had a light heart attack at 34 and recently a mini stoke and i am 41. I am now at the heaviest weight i have ever been 348. I know i need to lose weight, i been yo-yo dieting with no lasting results. Doctors suggest i have the gastric bypass surgery but i really want to do it without that,i have two active boys and can't be in hospital or recovery for long period of time....any suggestions?

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5 years ago

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While I can't give medical advice, I can say that a lot of people have lost weight by incorporating NutriBlasts into their daily routine - some in place of a meal and others in addition to. I'd suggest taking advantage of this website and searching for general recipes, tips, and forum discussions based on your current health concerns.

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