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How can I start losing weight?

hello i just bought the nutribullet because i need to loose a lot of weight or i will go for a bypass surgery.

My main problem is that i had a back surgery and that i had gain weight really fast in a long time ago. 8 years ago, i was 160 pounds, 6 years ago i was 191 pounds and now i am on 220 pounds. That was because i had a miscarriage, back surgery and the last one because i had my baby and i am not being able to lose weight.

The doctor told me that i am pre-diabetic, and before going to surgery, today i have join a fitness club and two days ago i bought the nutribullet, because i am planning to change everything upside down in my life. How can i start? should i replace meals but for what kind of blast? I hope you can help me start. THANK YOU!!!

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4 years ago

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You've made a great start just by coming to this website! Welcome :)

If you haven't already, do a search from our home page for weight loss and then do one for diabetes. We have loads of information on both and a fabulous weight loss forum filled with tips and support. You may wish to start with the 6 Week Transformational Plan that comes with the NutriBullet. Or simply start by replacing one of your regular meals with a NutriBlast!

My quick tip for weight loss is to build your Blast using this outline: half vegetables, one quarter low glycemic fruits like berries, grapefruit (if not contraindicated with medications), figs, cherries, pears, apples, apricots, and using an unsweetened almond milk, a chilled brewed tea or regular water for your liquid base.

Add 1-2 superfoods like ginger, turmeric, flax or chia seeds, and don't forget some protein spirulina, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, a few almonds or a plant-based quality protein powder. Higher plant proteins and lower sugar should be the focus!

Check out the latest article for more on fruits and blood sugar here:

And most importantly...Have Fun!!!
Thank you so much for your advice! i am going to do what you suggest!!! Thanks a lot!

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