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Do you have any gluten-free recipes for celiac sufferers?

I don't have a weight problem - I could use some..... LOL. I'm celiac and I also suffer from constipation; I've found your machine a GREAT help in that department. I Was looking over your 'recipes' and wonder do you have any gluten free ones too?  I've just switched to coconut milk too, since I ended up with colitis - or rather inflammation trying to correct my constipation. I use fruit, carrots, milk and water and a bit of enjoy life's cronola mix.  (then I have my cereal and tea later). Then I make soup, (before I eat a sandwich) of more vegetables in that.  Later on I 'snack' on an 'ice cream' (coconut) 'drink' with more blueberries, milk, cronola etc.....  Seems to be working - thank YOU and not harsh on my tummy...... This all 'seems' to be working for me, but any suggestions you can give me would be a GREAT help!


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5 years ago

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Most of our recipes are gluten free and it sounds like you have an extremely healthy diet. Coconut was a good choice as it has easy to absorb fats in it, this may help your weight stable or help you gain a little if that is what you are looking for. Keep up the great work and let us know if you have any other questions.

5 years ago

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