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Can using Nutribullet cause skin pimples?

I started having pimples growing everyday after using Nutribullet when previously , I had no problem with skin problem after I hit 40.  Even half a cup of juicing causes me breakout within the day. Please help as I don't know if I should stop drinking ? What is the possible reason for this ?

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4 years ago

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First I want to clarify that this is acne and not a rash? What ingredients are you using? Has your overall diet changed or are you doing anything differently (using a different skin care regimen or maybe sweating more often?).
I didn't do anything different. I know it is from the juicing as I stopped for 2 weeks, and there was no new ones. I came back and tried fruit juicing without the flaxseed and chia seed and vegetable, my pimples started popping out.
My first suggestion would be to watch the amount of sugar you include in your Blast...use more veggies, healthy fat (avocado, seeds, nuts - if no allergies), and proteins. Also, eliminate all dairy (yogurt, milk, etc.). This could also be a sign that your body is detoxing. Give it some time to see if they slowly start to subside. If not, I'd suggest speaking with a dermatologist.
Ok thanks
Did anyone here got the same problem ?
Hi?, im a new nutribullet user and this post caught my attention. I started the nutriblast diet 2weeks ago and i notice pimples and rash skin about 2days ago. I haven severe food allergies and that's why I got on the nutribullet in the first place. im totally off gluten,diary, n most nuts. So what could i be doing wrong. Prior to starting the nutriblast diet, i had no pimples and i would only get a rash when i ate food that contained gluten. daily nutriblast ingredients are: organic Kale, spinach, cucumber, green bell peppers, ginger , tumeric pear,apples ,broccoli, carrots, lemon, banana Chia seeds ,flax seed amazing green Superfood,pea protein powder, almond, walnuts ,maca powder & dried goji berry. help!!...:(
First you must rule out any food allergy or intolerance to any of the ingredients. I know you mentioned gluten, however there could be something else you may not know about....I'd start with a simple recipe and then slowly add in more ingredients to see what might be the cause. Do this slowly so you allow time for any reaction to occur...maybe one new ingredient each week. Also, since you are new to Blasting this could be a sign of detox...your body is eliminating any junk that may have built up. For this, simply give it some time and continue to follow a healthy eating plan with Blasts as well as the rest of your meals/snacks.
I read articles on the internet that one of the side effects of juicing is having breakouts. I wander if the breakout is due to detoxing or that my liver or other parts of my organs is not functioning as well
My skin clears up and tightens and gets absolutely beautiful when I use the Nutriubullet for juicing. I also have an ACME Juicer & Jack LaLaane Juicer which are both amazing, but the Nutribullet is quick & easy to use and uses the WHOLE FOOD, whereas the juicers remove the pulp which is what helps to keep the sugar down if you use fruits or startchy veggies.
when I use the Nutribullet the pulp & whole food is used and it is thicker and better for digestion, so you don't get an upset stomach. In the Nutribullet, I only start out with the same drink daily for a week or two to make sure I don't have any allergies or histamine intollerance to any of the ingredients (so I don't break out or get rashes etc. as I have food allergies as well to nuts and seeds and milk and eggs). I start out by using baby organic carrots, organic apples, organic celery, organic oranges, and sometimes I will add organic beets (but it seems to be a powerful blood cleanser and I can only use small amounts of it in the drink).
My skin has actually cleared up and tightened and my bowel habits have regulated to a few times a day and I feel amazing. I would recommend Nutribullet to anyone who wants to eat healthy and doesn't have a lot of time to prepare or clean up. Its worth every penny and is healthy food!!!

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