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Should I mill nuts and seeds if I have diverticulitis?

If you have diverticulitis, wouldn't it be better to mill the nuts and seeds before you blast them?

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5 years ago

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Research actually shows that nuts and seeds are not as dangerous to those with diverticulitis as was once believed. However, this doesn't really matter because whether or not you mill them or toss them in and Blast, they should pulverize into a smooth consistency. The only ones that may have a bit of trouble are sometimes flax seeds, blackberry and raspberry seeds.
could black berry and rasberry seeds be milled?
Afraid not since you cannot remove them from the fruit. If you milled that it would most likely turn into a mess. However, these seeds are super tiny - ask your Dr. if those are allowed for you.
thank you for your advice and help. I went out last night and bought some of the the ingredients that have been suggested and I will try and get the nutribullet working today. Hopefully I will be able to.

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