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Are there any recipes for chronic pancreatitis?

i have been dealing with Chronic Pancreatitis since aprox 2008-09, i am on medications to manage the pain and IBS / acid reflux and take digestive enzymes with all my meals, i have "adjusted" to living with this but am looking for ways to improve / heal my pancreas / digestive tract. any advice or recipes that would help in this area would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance. :) info the dietitian my need: 50yr old male, 6'4", 260lbs, last blood work was all in the so called "normal" range. i have very little stamina / constitution any longer due to this disease (cant even stand for long time without getting exhausted), not allergic to any foods that i know of, only to a couple of medications no longer made let me know if you need any other info , thanks

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5 years ago

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We can only provide general recommendations on this site. I would suggest finding a dietitian in your local area that can really sit down, and look at your diet and lifestyle habits. From there you may be able to make some significant changes. Avoiding higher fat foods can help decrease symptoms of pancreatitis and GERD. Coconut oil would be a good fat to include because it has MCT which are absorbed in the blood stream vs. bile acid in the stomach. Also includiing good clean sources of protein like organic eggs, organic chicken, fish and lamb are good sources of protein. Making a Blast can help increase fiber that may help with IBS symptoms. Check our recipe page for ideas. Here is an article on how to manage GERD:

5 years ago

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