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Why am I having migraine headaches since I started Blasting?

Ive had some terrible migraine headaches since I started blasting, is this my body detoxing? Ive been having 2 blasts a day and a regular dinner meal...but for the last two days Ive been having some crazy headaches. Im also having alot of sciatica pain today, more so than normal even though Ive been concentrating on foods with anti inflammatory properties. Any advice? Otherwise Im feeling great with lots of energy.

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5 years ago

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Migraines are tricky in that there are different triggers for each person. First, be sure that there are not particular foods you are eating that spark the pain (dairy, wheat, citrus, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, tannins in red wine, cheese, and nightshade veggies are a few examples of common culprits). Some nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, and fiber can be used to relieve migraine symptoms by restoring the natural balance of brain chemistry. Some good ingredients to throw in your NutriBlast include beets, leafy greens, ginger, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds/flaxmeal, and some blackberries and/or blueberries. Top it with some calcium-rich almond milk to the MAX LINE and blast for migraine relief! Be sure to clear any alternative treatments with your doctor before beginning.

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