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What are some good nut substitutes?

Good morning , I am loving my nutribullet - I am feeling tons more energy and see great results after only having it two weeks. However , I am seeing so many of the satge 3 recipes with nuts and I cannot eat any nuts at all - what could I replace them with. I do add pumpkin (raw) seeds or sunflower seeds , is that a good replacement for recipes that call for nuts or almond milk? Thank you

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6 years ago

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T, congratulations on your NutriBullet and your new wellness journey.

Yes I think any seeds would be a great replacement for nuts. In many cases seeds may be more nutritious. You can also make milk like almond milk from seeds as well. Check out this recipe for sunflower milk!

Keep us informed of your progress and any tips you learn along the way please share them with us.

Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

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Thank you SO much Wally , I will attempt the sunflower milk :) I love the seeds , pumpkin are my favorite , chia too. They just add so much to my blasts. I appreciate your help and will keep posting my progress. Warmly Tami

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