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Does powdered beet juice have a diuretic effect?

I bought a jar of organic beet juice powder--I love beets in my blasts, but the quality of the fresh here is very sketchy at best, so I figured the powder could make a good substitute. Tried it for the first time Saturday, just mixing two teaspoons into 5 ounces of water and drank it off. Then I spent the rest of the day running to the bathroom to pee...and pee...and PEE! Is this diuretic effect the norm? Were I to mix some into a blast, would the effect be the same?

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5 years ago

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The beet powder is a very concentrated source of sugar, I would be aware of how much is used. It will not have the same effect when it is mixed with fiber, proteins and fats that are typically found in most Blasts. Having it on its own was too much for your body to process, having it mixed into something would be much better.

5 years ago

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Thanks, Sarah. For a first go, I wanted to taste it as directed on the package--2 tsp per 4-8 oz H2o. For clarity, it is NOT powdered beets; it's powdered beet juice, and it was surprisingly flavorless, where beets themselves are highly flavored to my palate. I will try some IN a blast this weekend when I can afford to stay by the bathroom and see if I am similarly afflicted.
Sounds like a great plan. Keep me posted!

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