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How can I avoid greens and other ingredients?

I have hemochromatosis so I can't eat a lot of greens and I'm on Coumadin as well. I have to not eat a lot of iron based products as well. Can you help me figure out something I could use instead of so many greens. I'm also on a glutinous free diet because I'm allergic to soy, wheat and yeast..  I'm also allergic to grapes, strawberries and bananas.. I'm a mess and I also need to lose weight.. I've been using a glutinous free, vegetable rice protein powder with rice milk in my shakes, twice aday., and eating one meal a day.. Can you please help me with my problem.. By the way I just bought my nutriblast 900 today.

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4 years ago

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There are some great meal plans on this website and mostly are wheat and soy free, you could mix and match to find the recipes that will work best for you. Adding protein powder to your Blasts is a great way to keep you feeling full and decrease overall calorie intake throughout the day. Here are some great recipes that don't include your listed fruit allergies and you can always modify ingredients to use less greens, check these out:,,,

4 years ago

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