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What foods help with bone healing?

I am over 50 and I broke my fibula in 3 places a few months ago.  What foods would be good to add to a blast to increase the bone healing and decrease the inflammation? (The break was near the ankle, and I had 2 other fractures, so my ankle swells by the end of the day). 2nd question.  I am allergic to avocado, what is a good substitute?

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5 years ago

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I have a lot of spinal problems, I'm in constant pain & I receive several injections in my back, hips & shoulders every 3-4 weeks what can I add to my nutribullet to help with this problem?
Terry, has the Dr. told you specifically what is going on? Is there inflammation going on in the body? What type of injections? We are not able to give medical recommendations, but if I got a better idea of what was going on, I could give you some general recommendations to discuss with your primary care dr. or a personal RD. More than likely there is some inflammation going on so start here with some anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet.
More than likely, Terry is receiving Cortisone Injections. I know as I'm going for a Lower Lumbar MRI on 2/16/15 & on 2/13/15, my fantastic PCP offered me Cortisone Injections for my knees. For me, the Pain (severe) starts in my Lower Back & radiates down to; Both Hips (Which have both been replaced.) on down my (usually) Inner Thigh, to my knees. I'm 56 & have Broken 18 Bones in my body, all at the same time. My left hand, wrist & forearm. All; Responders, ER personnel, Drs. & Techs. said it was the 'Worst Breaks' that they'd ever seen. I spoke about my 18 Broken Bones because the Broken Bones were Not as Painful as what's going on in my Lower Lumbar et al. I know that it took me seeing a Neurologist to find out that I have "burstis'" (I don't know how to spell 'them', but I have 'them'.), growing in ginger like shapes, around my subluxated disks in my spine, into the Spinal Nerve Cluster in my L.L.. The problem is, that if I have them removed, they'll grow back & no one can tell me that when they regrow that they'll regrow in a way that will make me unable to walk for the rest of my life. Terry, you should also know that Cortisone robs your body of vital nutrients, as well as the fact that it aids in the deterioration of your bones. My heart goes out to you! Just remember to feed yourself, on a cellular level predominately. I know that 'comfort food' is something that helps your head stay in Life. Know that there are some wonderful, healthy & lower calorie ways to eat 'comfort food' now & that due to the Pain & your situation, it's really important to keep your weight down. Which, I know is seemingly impossible, because, just walking -Hurts. I hope that the Injections give you some relief & I hope even harder, that you're able to have some better options in the near future. Life is a gift & it's our responsibility to go outside of our comfort zones to get 2nd opinions, talk to nutritionists (Such as Krista) & provide more detailed information to them (her), so they are more able to assist you in providing better nutrition to your body's cells. Try to laugh a lot, read good books, watch good movies & shows & get on-line so you don't feel so isolated. I hope you have a wonderful support system around you too. Good luck. Feel better & smile.

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