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What's the best mix for a gastroparesis diet?

Can you advise the best mixture for me as I have recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis, i'm losing weight rapidly because my stomach hurts a lot so it is difficult for me to eat. I want to eat healthy, please.

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5 years ago

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Have you tried NutriBlasts already? Do these make your stomach hurt? Often a liquid or pureed diet is prescribed to help with symptoms. As liquids tend to empty more quickly from the stomach, some people may find a puréed diet helps improve symptoms.
In addition, try small, frequent meals vs. large meals (a small cup vs. a large Blast).
If less food enters the stomach each time a person eats, the stomach may not become overly full, allowing it to empty more easily. Chewing food well, drinking noncarbonated liquids with a meal, and walking or sitting for 2 hours after a meal—instead of lying down—may assist with gastric emptying.
A health care provider may also recommend avoiding high-fat and fibrous foods. Fat naturally slows digestion and some raw vegetables and fruits are more difficult to digest than other foods. Some foods, such as oranges and broccoli, contain fibrous parts that do not digest well. People with gastroparesis should minimize their intake of large portions of these foods because the undigested parts may remain in the stomach too long. Blasting may be enough to break down the fibers, however, you will need to test it on yourself. Cooked veggies also are less bloating.
Please discuss specifics w/ a personal dietitian to make sure all your nutritional needs are met.

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