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What's the best way to get cherries into my blasts?

I have been trying to add cherries to my blasts for a long time now.  At first I bought fresh cherries and tried to remove all the pits (time consuming and messy).  Then I bought a bag of dried cherries, but those have sugar and oil added to them.  Also, they don't blend up well and leave chunks in the bottom that get caught in my straw. Then I found frozen cherries at the grocery store.  But, they're very expensive, and I'm not sure, but I think those had the pits in them too!  What's the best way to get some cherries into my blasts?

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5 years ago

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Frozen cherries are the easiest and they do not contain the seed. You can also get the fresh ones and get this handy dandy little tool:

5 years ago

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Thank you Sarah. I think the local grocery store wanted about $6.00 for 12 ounces of frozen cherries. Either I will wait for a sale, or I will grab some fresh cherries while they're available and try the tool you suggested. There was also a lot of talk on Amazon about using a paper clip. Which is exactly what an old friend suggested. Time to experiment! -Steve
A paperclip?? Nice!! Let me know how that works.
Can you actually taste the cherries in the blast?
I'm betting unless you make the Blast with a LOT of cherries, you wouldn't taste too much cherry flavor. But since I'm already adding fruit, I'd like to add cherries because they're supposed to help with muscle soreness and are a great inflammation fighter. These are two things I need help with. -Steve
I use frozen cherries and love them ! They might be a bit expensive but I don't use them everyday. I am just starting out with blasting but with all the ingredients you can add the cherries are worth it.
Cherries will give the Blast a nice sweet taste, I can never taste the cherries exactly.

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