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How can I make preparing my drinks easier?

I've had the nutribulet for quite sometime, but it wasn't until 3 weeks ago that I decided to go for the challenge . The simple fact of having to cut all the ingredients every time I want it to drink something different was tedious and annoying . But, finally I manage to organize myself and left the preparation process for the weekend. I get all the ingredients and freeze them on ziplo bags, it has made the transition easier. For the past week my husband and I have been drinking a smoothie before breakfast . I use the following ingredients :  2 asparagus , spinach, 2 Celery, pineapple , green apple , water and honey.  I don't know if it is the right combination but it tastes great. I pray that I will have the strength to continue with this challenge. 

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4 years ago

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Try using frozen fruits, that can help minimize some of the prep work!

4 years ago

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