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What are some recipes for building the immune system?

I just got my Bullet and I want to find some recipes for gaining back strength after having C diff and a low immune system as well as migraines. I have been struggling with very low energy and try tell me it will be another year before I will be myself energy wise. It has already been a year since I had the c diff and I am so ready to feel better. I did go through 3 bouts of it before it finally left. I also have what is called adrenal fatigue and I have high hopes that the nutri bullet can help me with getting the extra nutrients I need with these 3 issues. I have no clue where to start. Can you help me with a plan of attack, I would greatly appreciate it.

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5 years ago

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Here are two recipes for energy on this site here (there are some more if you'd like to search): (swap out dairy yogurt for a coconut milk or almond milk based yogurt in this recipe) I would avoid those with added caffeine (even the energy boost superfood blend) so as not to wear out your adrenal glands. Also, consider including known adaptogens such as ones in this link here if ok by your Dr.: Also, you may want to have your hormones tested...often times hormone imbalance can lead to fatigue. (estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, insulin, thyroid). Blood sugar control is also critical for energy:
Thank you for your reply! I just received my bullet in the mail yesterday and to be honest I need something I can just walk in the store and just buy. That totally overwhelmed my brain with too much information. Can you make it more simple with fruits veggies and maybe some nuts please. Thanks
Thanks so much, I appreciate it! I can do that lol, not quite sure what the powder is on the first one but I will figure it out. I am looking forward in using the bullet and seeing the benefits take place. I will let you know how things go. Thanks again. Lori
What's the difference between coco and cacao powder, and can I use it in the smoothie? Thanks
They are usually used interchangeably. However, most of the time cacao is raw and does not have any added sugar to it while cocoa sometimes does. Here's a link to raw cacao powder that you might find in a health food store (I know Whole Foods carries this). You just want to be sure it is pure cocoa if you get that variety.

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