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Which NutriBlasts are best for high blood pressure?

I checked with my doctor and he said I could try your nutriblasts but to monitor my blood pressure since I am on medication (lisinopril).  I have been trying a mix of baby spinach, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and melon using cashews as my boost.  It appears to be raising my bp rather than helping to lower it.  Any suggestions for different ingredients or what I should try.  I really want to continue but not at the risk of higher blood pressure problems.  Thanks

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4 years ago

Official Answer

I would try more veggies especially celery and parsley, those are natural diuretics and can help pull excess water off the body.

You could also try blasting with beets as those can help open up blood vessels and allow for better blood flow. Search the recipes tab by ingredient for different recipe ideas.

4 years ago

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Beets are so good for you. Just wash them thoroughly to make sure the dirt is out. I eat the beet tops out of hand as well as in salads. I work out every day on a flatbed trailer at 68 and I can tell you beets are the answer.

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