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Is it normal to be tired at first?

I just got my nutribullet Saturday. Love the smoothies. I have a question. Is it normal to be real tired at first?

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5 years ago

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For some people yes that happens. However it is always best to consult with your doctor about any health concerns. It is most likely one two things, detoxing or too much sugar in your blast. When you body is getting a lot of nutrients it can begin getting ride of toxic materials that have been stored in your body. This is a good thing! Detoxing side effects can cause fatigue, headache, low grade fever and even sweats. It passes once your body has cleared most of the toxins from your body. Too much sugar can cause cause fatigue from the sugar/insulin crash that happens after eating or drinking a food that has a lot of simple sugars in it. Such as too much fruit in a NutriBlast. I recommend using mostly vegetables and a few fruits. If you are just starting out try 1/2 veggies and 1/2 low sugar fruits. Low sugar fruits are berries, green apples, peaches, pears and plums. You can also use bananas if they are green on the tips and bright yellow (like this they have about half the sugar content). I hope this helps. Many blessings Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Ingredients sort list:

I have had my nutribullet for 1 mo. I have found that I do not follow the recipes, partially because I buy produce on-sale/seasonally (freezing/stockpiling)and don't keep a stock on everything that is in all the recipes. I think it would be helpful to create a listing of ingredients with a link to recipes that have that ingredient. I started one with on an Excel spreadsheet, but thought others may need one too.

As an example: I bought a lemon - what recipes call for a lemon? Any recipe out there that calls for a lemon and an avocado?
You can do that in the Recipes section of this site. First you have popular categories, then you can search by ingredient, which is basically what you said, then you can search by keywords and it gives you some examples and finally you can search by the recipe title, the list updates from newest to oldest every time they post a new recipe. They did a great job on that page, is very well organized! I don't follow recipes either, my problem was that I used to buy the same ingredients every time, for example let's say I was using kale, and spinach for my greens, when I was running out of kale I'd go to the groceries to buy kale, instead of buying romaine lettuce or something else. I notice this bad habit when buying fruits too, so I did an spreadsheet to know what I was using the most and what ingredients I needed to buy, it worked pretty good for me... Hey maybe we can exchange spreadsheets some day :)

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