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Why am I hungry a couple hours after my Blast?

I've been doing a smoothy consisting of the list below every morning for the last 5 days.  I'm finding that I'm very hungry after a couple of hours.  Before I started these I would have a banana about 7am (at work) and the 10AM I would have Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries.  As a rule I was not hungry until lunch.  Is there something in this smoothie listed below that might be spiking my hunger or I'm not making the right combination.  I do enjoy them. 2 handfulls of Spinach and Kale, 1/4 banana, 3 chunks of pineapple, 3 frozen strawberries, 1/4 of an Apple, handful of blueberries, 1 Tablespoon of fax seed. This is what I can fit into the Nutribullet along with water.  Also i drink the whole tall cup first thing in the morning.

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5 years ago

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Also kefir has a high amount of protein per cup and if you are trying to avoid dairy, coconut kefir has 12g of protein per cup and its dairy free!

5 years ago

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I use protein powder & chia seeds as well in mine and I rarely am hungry before noon, but I do eat a boiled egg usually around 10 just to keep my sugar level and I have my blast about 5:30 or 6am.
Thank you. I put some raw cashews in it this morning. I do have Chia seeds also and I'll look for some type of protein powder.
Here is a great article to figure out which protein powder is best for you:

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