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Are there recipes that are low carb/low sugar?

I'm doing a low carb/low sugar diet but would love to use my new Nutribullet too.  Any recipe suggestions???  Thanks!!  :-)

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6 years ago

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Doing low carb with the NutriBullet sort of defeats the purpose of using it unless you are just going to grind nuts and seeds into nut butters and use coconut and avocado. All vegetables are rich carbohydrate sources with fats and protein. However most vegetables are also excellent sources of fiber that is very important to our health. Going low carbohydrate is different than going low sugar.

The only way to do low carbohydrate is to avoid vegetables, fruits and even healthy grains. It's easy to avoid sugars by just using any vegetable other than starchy root vegetables. And stick to berries only from the fruits world.

Not sure why you want to do low carbohydrate. In my opinion the macro-nutrients carbohydrates, fats and proteins should be balanced in our diet. They all have specific uses in our bodies.

I hope this helps. Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

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Thanks for this information. As i am unable to do exercise at the moment i need to be careful with what i consume so as not to put on extra weight. Was hoping you might have some suggestions for me . Thank you for getting back to me.
What is making you want to go low carb/low sugar?
because of the caloric content for one smoothie

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