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How do I pick a boost?

I've just started with blasting and was looking at the Superfood boost that is sold, but then noticed the boost for wieght loss and got confused on which one to get. Both of them have a couple ingredients that are similar and a few that aren't. How do you decide? Can you use two of the boost in a blast at a time on a continual basis? Then there's the other blast and powders too..........Thanks.

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5 years ago

Official Answer

You could use a scoop of superfood superboost and the weight loss boost in one Blast. They are just used to put a small boost of added nutrients into your Blast depending on your own specific needs.

If you are interested in losing weight, you can put a scoop of the weight loss boost, if you need added energy, you can put a scoop of our energy boost, if you feel like your diet is lacking in veggies, you can put a scoop of our greens powder into your Blast. Its up to you!

5 years ago

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