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How do I measure greens for NutriBlasts?

I have read different things on different sites and still do not know how to measure greens.  My NutriBullet Pocket Nutritionist booklet says to work up to 2 cups of greens per Nutriblast and also says that 2 cups of greens equals a serving of vegetables.  I want to follow that advice and do 2 cups per Nutriblast and also want to track how many servings of vegetables I get a day.  But to do both requires measuring greens by the cup. My 5 oz bag of greens from the store says it only contains one serving of 1.5 cups (so to get 2 cups would require almost 8 oz.  But half a pound of greens for one Nutriblast/one serving of vegetables sounds like alot.

Using a measuring cup myself, I can fit that much into 2 cups, tightly packed, or fit only 10-15 leaves in a cup, loosely packed.  Same with using the handful method- I can grab a 1/4 lb or more, in my hand, or loosely hold a fraction of that and fill my hand.  Such a big variance.  Any guidance?  I want to have  a good idea how much I am getting in vegetables per drink and per day.  Thanks.

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6 years ago

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Hello englandr21 - I understand your confusion. The USDA counts 2 cups of raw leafy greens as one serving of vegetables. This is referring to loosely packed greens.

I'm not sure how many ounces that would be or how the company you buy bags from measures theirs, but I'd suggest sticking to the USDA guidelines as in the table above just for consistency :)

Thank you Krista. That's great advice. I see that site also has a picture of a cup of spinach, as a visual aid, and it's loosely packed, like you mentioned. That's what I needed- Thanks!

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