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Which recipes can address inadequate stomach acid and quick gastric emptying?

I'm a 53 y.o. female managing an almost 4 year old divorce which is going to trial on 03/03/14. I started with your immune booster flu fighter to help keep me healthy before, during, and, after the trial. I had the flu in January and just recovering from bronchitis. This is very rare for me since I'm always healthy. I haven't had the flu or bronchitis for 12 and 30 years respectively. I've had hypoglycemia for over 30 years. It went our of control last year. My nutritional M.D. ordered a Heidelberg test which showed inadequate stomach acid causing accelerated gastric emptying. I have to eat every 2 hours.  I eat very healthy due to allergies: all grains, gluten, cow dairy, eggs, and, soy. I take about 100 vitamins a day. I'm 5'9 and weigh 120 lbs. I work out 5 days a week.  The Digestive System and Endocrine System in your Natural Healing Foods book don't fit my disorders. Could you please create a recipe for me to address the inadequate stomach acid with accelerated gastric emptying which is causing uncontrolled hypoglycemia, stomach bloating and stress. I can't tolerate oranges due to night sweats and bananas cause bloat.

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5 years ago

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I am sorry to hear that you are going through a very stressful time. We are unable to create specific treatments for medically based conditions. This is something you would have to talk to your doctor about or see a registered dietitian that knows your full history and any medications you are on. It seems like you have a pretty good idea of the foods that you can and can't eat. I would encourage you to explore different combinations of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and superfoods. I would suggest using your short cup to make a smaller portion Blast, drinking it slowly can help prevent stomach upset and accelerated gastric emptying. Including higher fiber, fat and protein foods can also help slow down digestion and gastric emptying. Chia seeds, avocado, flax seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil and nuts are all great sources of healthy fats. For protein you could look into a simple protein powder like hemp protein or garden of life raw protein. Use ginger, turmeric, spirulina to help with inflammation and to include foods with high nutrient content.

5 years ago

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