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Do you have any easy to follow weight loss meal plans?

I will complete day 7 of the Basic Cleanse tomorrow.  I have attempted other cleanses in the past, and I have to say, this one was so easy to shop for and prepare.  I also love the 4 rotating dinner real-food (not blended) recipes.  I felt nourished and rarely hungry.  When I did feel hungry, I had a few raw nuts.  It worked so well for me, that I'm worried, without a plan to follow, that I will fall back into old habits.  I have a couple of goals:  one is to keep my energy and immunity up during the winter, and the other is to lose the last 10 pounds by my birthday in January.  I should be eating (according to every tool I have consulted) between 1200 and 1500 calories net to achieve that goal over time.  My question is:  are there similar weight loss food plans available with shopping lists that include a variety of blasts and healthy real-food? 

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4 years ago

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We have a 6 week transformation plan in our Natural Healing Foods book or we have the Slim down plan, both are here and available for purchase:

4 years ago

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