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Can I have a breakfast Blast at any time of day?

Hi!  I purchased my NB yesterday, primarily for fighting inflammation and for weight loss and am excited to start using it today.  I work a split shift (which is really hard on the body to begin with!) at a major car company.  Friday & Saturday I work day shift and have 12 hour days.  Then on Sunday and Monday I work night shift and have 12 hour nights.  Tue, Wed, & Thurs are my off days and are spent trying to work my way back to being able to get up at 3:45am on Friday!  

I constantly feel jet lagged from this shift, and my eating times are different pretty much every single day. Sometimes my body doesn't know if it should eat, sleep, go potty, etc!!!  My plan is to have a blast for breakfast no matter what time that is.  Is that okay?  Any tips on how to blast and eat on this ridiculous shift?

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5 years ago

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That is a really tough schedule to plan for consistency, your body always seems to be in a state of adjustment. I think it would be great idea to start with a Blast for breakfast, this way you know you are getting in the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

I would also suggest trying to eat when you are hungry and not wait until you are starving to have a meal. Maybe arm yourself with some healthy snacks like carrots+hummus, fruit and nut trail mix, lara bars, turkey jerky, fruits and veggies to make Blasts.

5 years ago

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Thank you for your response. I know there is no easy answer to this crazy shift I work.

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