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What should I add to daytime meal replacement Blasts?

I just finished the 2014 cleanse and I'm feeling great. Right now I am doing a meal replacement blast for breakfast, and would like to continue with blasts 4 hours after breakfast and 3 hours after that. Then I am using the 6 week transformation plan recipes for dinners. I am wondering what ingredients I should look for in the 2 blasts during the day? Will they be similar to the cleanse blast recipes? I want to make sure I am getting enough calories and fat, and that I am hitting my recommended nutrients as a whole. I really like the 2 day-time blasts because the keep me full all day. I am also using this plan as a weight loss plan. Thanks in advance for your help! 

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5 years ago

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If you are eating other foods in addition to your Blasts, you will be meeting your nutrient needs. If you are following guidelines and recipes from the 6 week transformation plan, you will be covered. I would also suggest to listen to your body, and use foods that you are interested in eating. Sometimes when you are craving a certain food, it may be because your body is alerting you it needs a certain nutrient.

5 years ago

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