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What foods can I eat to recover from glaucoma/cataract surgery?

Hi, In just three weeks I will be having the above surgery.  I am 76 and haven't had major surgery since 1941.  This surgery is mandatory to keep my sight in my left eye.  I am extremely healthy, do not take meds of any kind, have taken vitamins for over 50 years.  I want to know if there are any foods that I can eat during the recovery time that will keep my immunity up to the top.  One of the eyedrops after surgery is a steroid and another is an antibiotic, so want to keep as super healthy as possible during recovery.  I have taken a probiotic at the instruction of my internist and want my health to remain tip top.   Thanks ahead of time for your professional advice.

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4 years ago

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Here are some things which can help prevent low immunity and keep white blood cell counts high! Be sure to check in w/ your Dr. to make sure there are no interactions with any medications that you are taking. - Avoid sugar and keep sweet stuff to a minimum. Sugar prevents white blood cells from being their strongest - Eliminate unhealthy trans fats. - Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins - Exercise is a proven immune system booster. Exercise is best in moderation, however, since too much exercise may wear the body down and create immune system problems. - Avoid stress and try to relax. Too much stress invariably leads to a lowered immune system. Carrots and other red, yellow, orange, and dark-green leafy vegetables contain beta carotene which helps protect the immune system A cup of kale will give you your daily requirement of vitamin A. This is an antioxidant that helps your body respond to invaders. Garlic is another good anti-bacterial, immune-boosting food. Supplements can play a big role in boosting immune function. Some examples: - Astragalus root helps boost immunity and enhances production of the important natural compound interferon to fight against viruses. - Zinc is necessary for white blood cell function. - Vitamin C is an immune enhancer that helps white blood cells perform at their peak and quickens the immune system response. - The trace mineral selenium is vital to the development and movement of white blood cells. - Both Siberian ginseng (eleuthero) and Asian ginseng provide support for the immune system. - Mushrooms such as reishi have also been shown to boost our natural immune system. - Green Tea is another good one. Chill a cup of brewed tea and add it as the liquid in your Blast!

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