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Is there evidence-based science behind the recipes?

I would like to know which recipes on the site have some good evidence based science behind them for the claims they make? Many articles I have read of late are debunking many of the so called "superfood" claims of goji berries, blueberries, green tea etc...... This is not to say that these and other "healthy" foods are not helpful, however, they certainly do not have the science behind them to back up their claims. My partner and I are really interested in blasts that can help us manage inflammation and provide some energy, and we want to know that what we are making has some science behind it.

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4 years ago

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The recipes have not been studied individually, but all ingredients that are used to create Blasts, their efficacy is backed by scientific research. As an RD for the company, I am constantly reading the latest research and creating recipes to support health.

4 years ago

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Great question! Nutritional science is ever evolving and what one study says one day may be debunked a week after. With that being said, foods we suggest using for certain ailments have either come from peer reviewed research that strongly supports the claim or may have been used in some form of Eastern medicine and has been helpful for several people. Check out the link below for anti-inflammatory foods...specific studies are mentioned within the text. We do realize that the quantities used in these studies may be more than we suggest adding to one Blast recipe, however we do stick with ingredient recommendations that are backed by science.
Thank you for your reply. I think I needed to ask a more specific question though. There are a lot of recipes on the site and not all of them are suggested by you. Many are from nutri bullet users ect... So how can I tell which ones are recommended by you and have "some" scientific research from the ones that are submitted by nutri bullet users that may....or may not have peer reviewed research behind them. i thank you for your time and I wish you well Michael
Any of the ones that are posted on this site have been approved by the NutirBullet team! =)
I am happy that the recipes are vetted by the nutribullet team . However, I would like to know if all of the recipes then have peer reviewed studies to back up the issue they are purporting to address such as immune system boosts, inflammation fighters, energy boosts ect Meaning that the "team" has looked into the science behind every recipe posted? I thank you for your time and I wish you well

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