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Which recipes can provide allergy relief?

I have been having allergy problems since I came to this country. I am allergic to dust and all mold types. I have been on allegra d for the last 20 years. I take one pill a day and it was not helping the last 2 years. My allergies have been really bad. Since last august I have been on shots still have not riched the maintenance level yet.

I'd like to know if there are any recipes to help with allergies and is it going to flush out the medication that I have build or taking the nutri blasts will have any effects with the medicine or he shots? Should I stop them all together? Your help will be appreciated. Thanks:) 

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6 years ago

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Hello there! We have a couple articles on this site regarding allergies!

These articles are focused more on seasonal allergies, but may help ease some symptoms.

Regarding mold allergies, my recommendation would be to take measures to prevent or avoid mold in your home. Avoid foods that potentially have mold. Things like peanuts, dried fruit, moldy produce (wash all fruit and veggies very well), cheeses, mushrooms, some breads, alcohol, pre-made fruit juices, etc.

Search this site for some foods to help boost your immune system.

Drinking NutriBlasts will not "flush" out the medication. However, please consult your Dr. or a pharmacists in order to determine if there are any food-drug interactions that you should be aware of before making any dietary change.

I hope you find some of this information helpful. I know how bad allergies can make one feel.

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