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Will drinking Blasts rather than eating whole foods raise my sugar levels?

I am new to the NutriBullet thing and am loving my morning blast. However I am a bit concerned about some of the research out there that is reporting raised blood sugar levels with smoothies on account of the break down of the fiber in the blender and not in our bodies. . Are we doing the right thing by drinking our fruit and veg rather than eating the whole food version.  What makes a NutriBlast so different to a regular smoothie?

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5 years ago

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If you haven't already read this article, I'd suggest checking it out!

When you are breaking down the structures of the fiber, it can still help slow the rate of absorption, but you are correct, it would be a bit faster than if you were consuming it in whole food form. However, with the inclusion of additional proteins and fats, it's less likely that you'll see a high spike in blood sugar as you would by consuming just the fruits alone with liquid.

Each person reacts differently so it may take some trial and error along with some monitoring of blood sugar levels at various points pre- and post- Blast.

While we haven't done any formal testing on rate of sugar absorption, these testimonials are helpful to see that others are actually seeing an improvement in glucose readings than without Blasting.

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