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Why don't all of my ingredients fit in the cup?

I do not understand how to make the drinks.  It calls for more than can fit into the glass.  I did half green and just a portion of each of the other ingredients and added water.  Also, how many times a day should I prepare the drink.  Should I do the same one or should I change the drink?  I wish there was someone to talk to.  Hope you can help me. 

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5 years ago

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I wouldn't over-think it. Follow the instructions in the basic book: 50%of the cup full of greens, some additional veggies or fruit, a "super food boost" like chia seedds, and put water in to just UNDER the max line. I personally avoid adding liquids other than water because I don't want the extra calories, but experiment to your preference. I also avoid any sugar as I think the fruits add more than enough sweetness, but I add a tsp or less of honey on occasion. I use whatever fruits are in the house. Blueberries, grapes, orange, apple, banana, strawberry. i mix and match. Right now oranges are the lead fruit, with some strawberry or blueberries added in. Read the pamphlet to get some ideas if you are aiming fro some specific health needs...... Easy, easy, easy.....
Some of our earlier recipes contain too many ingredients so adjust according to the ratio and what will fit into the cup. Eric pointed out - if you are following the 50% greens, 50% fruits/veggies and 1/4 cup total of your boosts, then you'll be fine! You can have them as often as you'd like as it fits into your dietary needs and goals. Check out our FAQ page for some more answers to these and other common Qs...

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