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Can I add protein to my NutriBlast recipe?

I was wondering if I am able to add protein to the nutriblast recipes and if so what kind is best to use?  I had a gastric sleeve so I need the extra protein.

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We almost always add a scoop of protein to our blasts. Others may chime in as to what kind. I just use a whey/soy blend.
I always add a scoop of protein. Since I am vegan, I avoid whey. Soy mimics estrogen, so I avoid that. A good vegan protein I found is Arbonne. 22 grams of vegan protein. Works for me. Adding the protein helps me feel full even longer, so I never snack between meals anymore.
Whey can cause inflammation of the gut and is dairy, so it's not vegan. Most soy is GMO, so I avoid that. Protein helps you feel fuller longer. I always use a scoop. Love my Nutriblasts. What you use depends on your personal preference.