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What are good substitutes for bananas?

I just purchased the Nutribullet today and I purchased it so I can get the proper nutrients into my body since I cannot eat a lot of high fiber veggies and cannot eat whole nuts.  I am also highly allergic to Bananas and Cantaloupes.  A lot of your recipes say to include bananas, what can I substitute?  Also, will a lot of the veggies that I have a hard time breaking down and causes me pain, will I expect to get the same problems with blending these type of vegetables? Thank you for your assistance, Kelly Curry

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5 years ago

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Avocados, pears, mangos, nuts, rolled oats can all be great substitutes for bananas. Since everyone is different, it is hard to say what foods may bother you and what foods will not. The best thing to do is keep a food journal and track what you are eating. This way if something does bother you, it will be easier to identify and then you can eliminate it from your diet.

5 years ago

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