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Which recipes can you recommend for PCOS and infertility?

I have been suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) since I was a young teenager. I am currently 26 years old and trying to conceive however I have struggled with absent/irregular periods and infertility. Just wondering what recipes for Nutriblasts you can recommend for boosting fertility and aiding in weight loss. User responses also welcomed! Thanks!!

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5 years ago

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Since PCOS is related to an insulin resistance, if you are overweight, a moderate amount of weight loss can help improve your condition. Adding 15-30 minutes of exercise, even if its just walking, can help improve your bodies hormone sensitivity.

Including foods that will help keep your blood sugar stable, will help decrease symptoms. Use foods like sweet potatoes, legumes, dark leafy greens, raw oats, almond butter, edamame beans (in moderation), hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, watercress and flax seeds to keep blood sugar stable. Looking at your current diet and eliminating refined carbohydrates like white breads, white rice, pastas and sodas, processed foods and sweets can also help improve insulin resistance.

It is beneficial to not consume things like contaminated fish, non organic dairy (may be best to avoid dairy completely as to not introduce added hormones), drinking from BPA free bottles and not using BPA plastics and canned foods.

If you are into alternative medicine, here is a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach:
(there are some great dietary suggestions at the end of this page)
I also wanted to recommend this site for more information!

Blood sugar regulation is similar Diabetes, but instead of not producing insulin when your sugar spikes, PCOS produces too much which affects the ovaries and hormones and whole bunch of crazy mess. So like diabetics you must watch sugar intake. I use a GLUTEN FREE, low glycemic diet instead of taking all kinds of meds. I am going to try blasting as a cleanse to reset and clean my system. All natural fruits and vegetables are awesome.

Keep your daughter away from refined sugars, flour, so white sugar, flour, rice. MULTI GRAINS... Stay away from sugar substitutes...Best for PCOS is Raw Honey, Stevia, and Coconut Palm Sugar. HOPE this helps.

5 years ago

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