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Which foods can reduce RA inflammation and help me lose weight?

This is my first day here.  I am 44 years old & have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since age 21.  I also have an addiction to sugar (specifically chocolate) and have always had a very large appetite.  I have been a vegetarian since age 2, so quite often I used bread (toast, muffins, etc) to fill up.  All the bad, fattening carbs, that today not only make me fat, but cause my inflammation to create quite a havoc on my joints. So I am hoping you can give me some advice as to what the best food combinations would be for me to reduce my RA inflammation as well as losing weight?

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5 years ago

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It sounds like you may need to reprogram your taste buds and get off the sugar. We have a great 5 day cleanse that can help you accomplish just that: We also have some great anti-inflammatory recipes to help with your RA, here is one of my favorites:

5 years ago

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