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How can I modify the 3-day detox for candida?

Hi, I'm planning on doing the 3 day detox that was recently posted. I would like to do one that's more appropriate for candida sufferers. I've read a lot on this site about avoiding the sugary fruits & drinking mostly-veggie drinks, which is what I do already. IĀ assume the detox is crafted for maximum nutritional support during a detox, which is why I'm asking if there's easy ways I can modify the recipies to minimize sugary fruit use...? I do love my mostly veggie drinks, so any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you!

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5 years ago

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You could use the veggie-based recipes and make them multiple times during the day, however that would leave out a lot of calories (this plan is already on the low side).

My suggestion to you is to either modify the recipes by subbing out fruits for veggies or searching for candida-friendly recipes on this website and building your own plan with those. It would be even more "cleansing" if you choose more veggies over fruits since they contain less sugar (something we all need a detox from!) We chose to put in some of the fruitier recipes to make it bit less intense and adaptable to the majority of our NutriBlasters.

Some good cleansing foods to include in your Blasts include:
cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, ginger, parsley, jicama, cinnamon, avocado, pineapple, turmeric and wheat grass (among all other leafy greens!)

Here's a good article to help you choose wisely.
Thanks Krista! I'm very excited to try to keep up with this detox. My first smoothie this morning was pretty standard: romaine, baby spinach, tomato, strawberry, cashew, home milled flax seed/almond meal, and green tea. But since I forgot my tall glass at work -- right before doing a 3 day detox! -- my second smoothie was baby carrot, walnut, ginger, goji berries and coconut water blended for 25 seconds + mixed with another smoothie of arugula, tomato, beet, cashews & water. Really yummy! I'm going to make some quinoa later to add to dinnertime smoothie :-) PS: At my produce store, they have small chunks of tumeric root. I've never purchased it before because I always use the finely ground spice. Since you mentioned it, have you ever used the actual root? How strong is the flavor? The roots themselves are pretty small -- they look to be 3-5 inches long. Also, any benefit to saffron? I love it, have a lot of it on hand and am curious to see if it would add anything other than great color to the smoothies.
Sorry for the delay in reply, I was away for the Memorial Day Holiday. How's the cleanse going? Still hanging in there? Fresh turmeric, if you haven't already figured it out on your own, is quite potent in small doses much like fresh ginger. A little bit will do ya :) I have not tried saffron in a NutriBlasts so cannot vouch for the taste. However, as far as nutritional benefits it provides, it has been shown to provide anti-cancer benefits, antioxidant immune boosting properties, anti-depression, and supports eye health, among others.
Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! So....I buckled last night & had some rice & beans...and cheese! *gasp* Cheese is my great downfall! Oh well, today I'm back to my smoothies. My great find yesterday was red chard -- I always imagined it would be bitter-ish like kale and it's actually yummy. I loved the dark dark green drink I had yesterday: red chard, lemon, tomato, pumpkin seeds. I also found out that I don't like fresh broccoli in my drinks. That makes me sad, but I will try lightly steaming it first to see if that helps. I think the reason I caved in last night was the lack of protein. I'm going to do some research and see how I can up the protein content of my smoothies more to see if that helps. I did buy tumeric root & will try it today. I assume you peel off the skin, chop & toss it in. One last questions: coconut oil -- I think I posted about it last night but can't find the post now (sidebar: that would be a comment in the Feedback forum: it would be nice to bring up people's posts by clicking on their username. That way you can track what you've posted & who's replied) SO, I tried organic coconut oil in a smoothie last night -- I put it in last & it pretty much stuck to the blade piece. I could taste it a little bit in the smoothie, so I know some of it blended in, but I'm wondering if there's a better way to get it into the drinks so that it blends better?
Don't beat yourself up, it's normal to cave...we're all human. Pick right back up where you left off. Great idea to lightly steam the broccoli. I also find that if I use certain ingredients, the broccoli flavor is masked a bit (banana, cinnamon, raw cacao, mint, etc. are just a few). Plant-based protein sources are nuts and nut butters, seeds, cooked lentils or beans, veggies have protein (fruit not so much), cooked frozen peas are good, a vegan protein powder (see link below) makes a nice convenient option to up the protein w/o adding more carbs. Also, check out this article for ways to help fill you up... Be careful with fresh turmeric as a little bit goes a loooong way just like fresh ginger! For coconut oil, try putting it in between ingredients (after greens, before fruits/boosts so that it won't get stuck to the blade or the top of the cup. Happy Blasting :)

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