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What are some different names for greens in Australian English?

I just recieved my nutribullet and am looking to make my first nutriblast but I have found there are some different names for leafy greens than what we use here in Australia and am hoping you may be able to translate. I am thinking Romaine maybe what we call iceberg lettuce. I have no idea what collard greens are or what swiss chard is. Can you please help?

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5 years ago

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Judith that's great info. I had no clue these veggies were called different names in other English speaking countries.

Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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Hi - UK terminology is different for some too! Romaine lettuce is more like Cos, or a large Little Gem (It's the lettuce used for Caesar Salad - long slender leaves with a crispy texture). Collard greens - as far as I can make out, they're a loose cabbage, not a hearty one! (Check Wikipaedia) Swiss chard - a bit like spinach with a beet-coloured central stalk. Maybe others would like to add to this.....
Hmmmm, this is what romaine looks like in the USA:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-romaine-lettuce-jpg.jpg

It's not what we in the USA refer to as iceberg, which looks like this:

Collard greens look like this:
I don't love these in smoothies -- the flavor is too strong for me raw. But lightly steamed, I can handle it. In the USA, we normally sauté them with a bunch of bacon -- yum!

Swiss Chard -- I love! Very mellow flavor, a nice base for a lot of smoothies. They come in a variety of stalk colors & look like this:

I think the important thing is you can put whatever you like in your smoothie -- try different things together. I never follow a particular recipe, I use them as guidelines & modify based on what I know I like.

Hi - I am also from Australia and find it a little frustrating dealing with different names for greens. I have heard of these terms of course but cannot find them in any stores in Australia. From my understanding of Wolfe's advertisement for Nutribullet different greens have differing health benefits. An example Wolfe gave was a smoothie particularly for women and another particularly for men. I love the 'bullet' but feel I am missing out on the full benefit of the recipes because I cannot source the greens. Would Nutribullett be able to post recipes that are particular to Australian vegetables?
This might help. Click on the healing foods tab at the top. Type in the name of the of the green, for example Romaine. This brings up a picture of the green and a description of its possible benefits. This way you have an idea of what the green looks like so you can find it under whatever name they call it in Australia.
Hi -thanks for the tip to google images of the unfamiliar names of vegetabls. For those in Australia , Chard is known here as Silverbeet. I am rapt as this is a common and inexpensive green vegetable widely available

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