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Is there a page for diabetes recipe information?

I am a new diabetic on a pill.  I am trying to find the best blast to assist me to fighting this horrible disease.  I did a search diabetic and it brought up a couple of recipes.  Is there a index page for recipes by the benefits of the drink mix.  Am i missing something on this web site for finding what I am looking for. Please help me, I am a retired Army person who just needs some assistance on how to use this website better.

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5 years ago

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If you click on the recipes tab you can search based on specific concerns like diabetis, low carb, blood sugar.... Here are some great recipes that you can use:

5 years ago

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Hey Kevin! We're working on updating the recipes page so you can find what you're looking for based on topic, such as diabetes. We're also working on a 'Favorites' feature, where you can save your favorite recipes. Keep checking back for the latest updates. :)
I need a place to save my favorite recipes and also a place for recipes for type 1 diabetes. Fruit has high sugar so it worries me to use too much. Thank you!
We're in the process of working on that feature to save recipes! Type in Diabetes from the home page search bar...we just uploaded some great info and recipes from our very own web manager, Laura, who Blasts every day with FRUIT and veggies and has Type I DM.
I am a new person here and just bought this product. I am looking for the break down on the different blasts like sugar content. I am a type 2 diabetic and have to watch my blood sugar levels.

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