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Is celery root worth the weird taste?

Haven't been around for a bit but have definitely been making smoothies and enjoying them. I've even converted many coworkers to Nutriblast :-) Although I did a search, I didn't find anything on Celery Root -- my grocer, a wealth of knowledge, encouraged me to buy it but did acknowledge it's not yummy. Any thoughts, dietitians? I know it's good for me....but is it good enough to over come the weird taste? Any personal experience or suggestions?

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5 years ago

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Celery root is actually one of my favorite complex carbs to eat. I usually don't get it because it is a lot of work to prep. I like to cut off all the skin and then cut it into chunks, put it on a baking sheet, drizzle a little grapeseed oil ontop and bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the celery root can be pierced with a fork. Put on a little salt and pepper to taste and it is sooo delicious!

5 years ago

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Thanks Sarah -- my grocer advised that it was for juicing…? I'm not sure if he meant for the juicers that take all the fiber out or if it was worth it to put into the Nutri…. Thanks for your thoughts, though. It's a weird vegetable. I still keep looking at it. He told me that it's a fantastic source of post-workout natural electrolytes and natural potassium.. yasi
I prefer to blend my fruits and veggies to keep all the nutrients intake. If my stomach is upset I will juice of a day but other than that I like to use all parts of my produce. You could blend a small amount of the celery root raw, it does have a strong flavor.

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