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How many Blasts can I have per day?

Is it appropriate to have one blast per day?  Can you have more than one?

And, if for example you use a "recipe" for hormone balance, or athletic performance, or inflammation, etc., how many times per week is it safe to have a recipe like that?

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6 years ago

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Most people have a NutriBlast in the large cup in place of a meal, however you are free to Blast however often you'd like! As a meal replacement or a snack, they are a great way to add more fruits, veggies and whole foods to your diet.

Since these are whole foods, there is no specific "dosage" we know one must consume to see the effects. The idea is that these recipes contain ingredients that have been shown beneficial for that particular ailment. We are all different and react differently to the foods we eat so it will vary for each individual on how often or how much one must consume before noticing a difference.

Check out some of our testimonials in the "success stories". Many reveal that they felt the difference in no time at all!

The foods included in a NutriBlast are whole foods and are safe for healthy individuals. We advise to consult your Dr. or a personal dietitian if you are dealing with any health issues that may require any dietary modifications.

Result are more likely to occur when also enjoying other healthful foods and lifestyle choices.

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