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Why am I gaining weight with my NutriBullet?

I am a 49 year old UK living woman who has a weird selective eating disorder. This means I have never eaten fruit or vegetables. And lots of other food groups. I was diagnosed with a large brain tumor on my brainstem Aug 2013. In Sept I bought a Nutribullet after talking to a fellow tumor sufferer who has to eat liquidized food following her surgery. I had surgery Nov 2013 and my tumor was removed, and found to be benign. But, since my tumor was removed it has put me straight into menopause, according to my hormone levels. The nerves to my hypoglossal tongue muscles were cut during my op. Resulting in dysphasia and Dysphagia. So I thought the nutribullet was going to be a massive help to me. Before my op, I experimented with trying fruit blasts. I use spinach, which I like, with blueberries, cherries, apples, walnuts, almonds and bananas. I have managed to add other large stone fruit, kiwis, mango and pineapple. I was unable to tolerate the taste with water, so I have found I can drink them if I add a fruit juice mix I don't mind. All my fruit has to be frozen and I add more ice. It has to be like a frozen slush or sorbet, drank through a straw for me to be able to tolerate it, texture and taste wise. The problem is my weight had now shot up, by about 8lbs and is increasing weekly. The only change in my diet is my Nutribullets. I am loathe to stop them, as for the first time my body is getting nutrients from fruit. I didn't mind before my op, as it was expected I would need radiation to shrink what was left of my tumor and any weight gain would have helped me stay strong through it. But know I don't want to give up on my Nutribullet and fruit forever because it's making me fat. I realize the nutrients are needed for my health. My problem is, I just don't think I could tolerate them if I had to use water. I am going to try almond milk and oats today, which is a massive step in me eating new things. I may even attempt to add a carrot to one tomorrow. But if I continue to put on weight, I will just go back to my old breakfast diet of toast or cereal.

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5 years ago

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It looks like you are getting a lot of sugar and carbs in your Blast. Fruit juice adds in a ton of extra sugar and may be causing weight gain. I would suggest Blasting with unsweetened almond milk or coconut water for liquids that are more flavorful than regular water and lower in carbs than fruit juice. I would also focus on adding more greens and veggies vs. adding in more fruits. Fruits are not bad for you, but they do have a higher calorie and carbohydrate content. It may help to add in a protein powder like hemp protein, garden of life raw protein or sunwarrior, which are all great products. This will help slow down the rate at which your Blasts are digested. Here is a great article that has low carb recipes:

5 years ago

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