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Are there adverse issues related to blasting 100% of the time?

I'm really loving my nutribullet, and I'm blasting once or twice a day.  Which makes me start to think what would happen if I blasted for like 75-100% of my food intake.  I seem to remember reading it's not recommended to never eat whole foods.  So what would be the potential adverse effects?

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5 years ago

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Tom, if you only had blast or a liquid diet over a period of time your digestive system would forget how to digest food in its normally chunky condition when chewed and you would have stomach cramps and maybe diarrhea. It would take a few days or even a week or more for your body to adjust. Its never good to go right back to solid foods after a lengthy period on just liquids. If you had liquids 75% of the time you might not have that problem, not sure. However, your digestive system would get lazy and not function as well. Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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