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Do you have suggestions for water retention?

I have a friend that started blasting because I raved about it and lost 13 lbs.  she claims that she stopped because she actually gained and also was retaining a lot of water.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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6 years ago

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Without knowing more specifics about your friend, I cannot pinpoint what the exact cause could be. Things in general that contribute to water retention include eating foods high in sodium and not enough potassium (which most ingredients in a NutriBlast would be low sodium, high potassium), being dehydrated (when the body is lacking water, it holds onto it more easily), a congested lymphatic system, compromised kidney function, certain medications, inflammation in the body, certain foods (see this article here:, food allergies, or hormonal imbalances among others.

My suggestion would be to keep track of the ingredients in the NutriBlasts and switch them up one at a time to see if there's a particular food that might be the cause.

Regarding the weight gain...please read this article here for some tips:

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