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Any advice for heartburn during the night?

Yesterday was the first day my husband and I used our new Nutribullet.   He was bothered with hearburn during the night.  Any advice?  

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5 years ago

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Geabama, I an not a RD but can tell you coconut water is fine as is fresh brewed green tea and pure water.

I use coconut water in my blast a lot but not all the time.

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Wally Bishop C.N.C.

5 years ago

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I am replying to my own question. Husband told me it was not the nutriblasts that caused his heartburn. He had eaten some corn chips and salsa and said that caused it. No other problems so far. Second day of using Nutribullet. One more question. I like using natural coconut water, no additives as the water for my nutriblasts. It is the Earth Fare brand. It tastes very much like drinking out of a fresh coconut. I don't consider this to be juice. Can you give this your blessing as a dietitian?
I love coconut water! The sugars are natural and it provides an excellent source of electrolytes. Just remember that it is not a calorie-free beverage so if you're watching your weight, I would suggest some calorie free liquids on alternate days.

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