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Which foods have the same benefits as avocado?

I just bought my NutriBullet from a local retailer, and noticed that some recipes call for avocado.  I like it, but  I'm moderately allergic to it.  However, I can eat it along with a dairy product - such as guacamole with sour cream added.  Obviously, this isn't in line with most NutriBullet goals.   I would still like to get the benefits of avocado, so I'm wondering if there is another food that provides them which could be substituted in the recipes.  Or... do you know of any acceptable foods that could buffer the avocado like dairy products do?  (I have read that dairy products contain a chemical which neutralizes some irritants in foods, especially those found in peppers.)  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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4 years ago

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Avocado is a uniquely special food that is like no others, however you can use a banana for the potassium and creaminess and some strawberries (or broccoli) for vitamin C. You can also include some nuts or seeds to make up for the healthy monounsaturated fats! Since allergies are specific to each individual, I cannot say what might blunt the effects.

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