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What types of vegetables can I eat with a non-functioning thyroid?

Hi, I have what is called a non fuctioning thyroid, it was put to sleep as I call it so instead of removing it the endroconlogy doctor did the thryroid therapy anyway I have been ready that since my thyroid doesn't work like other people I need to be careful on types of vegetable to eat HELP!!!! my own doctor is not one that does any type of jucing let alone use a nutribullet so I don't know what to do so that I do not cause any issues with my sleeping thyroid not to wake'en it up any suggestions?

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6 years ago

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sorry I meant to write I have been doing a lot of reading about my thyroid issues and blasting greens etc.
thyroid-inhibiting foods are also known as goitrogens cruciferous vegetables like kale, spinach brussels sprouts cauliflower just to name a few are not wise for people that are hypothyroid and I should have worded it better I called it a sleeping thyroid but I had thyroid therapy done 6yrs ago and now my thyroid is inactive, and from what I have been reading I am wondering what type of blasting I can do and lose weight if I should avoid these items? I am so confused, people that are hypo should avoid and only eat on occasion so where would that leave me?
If your thyroid is inactive, then there would be no natural hormone production. I'm assuming you are taking thyroid medication? If so, take the hormones as your Dr. prescribed (usually on an empty stomach at different times than meals) and limit or avoid foods that may interfere with absorption (soy and calcium supplements; and keeping fiber consistent). The goitrogens in these leafy greens disrupt natural hormone production.

Some doctors feel it is ok for patients with underactive thyroid on thyroid medications to consume these foods while others say to limit them. In your situation, the thyroid is not functioning so the goitrogens would not further damage the glands. Therefore, these goitrogenic foods should be safe to consume.

However, please consult w/ a dietitian or Dr. that knows more specifics about your health history for confirmation. If you wish to avoid them, there are several other options for ingredients to put in your NutriBlasts if you want to avoid these cruciferous veggies and they are noted at the end of this article along with two recipes you could try!

Also a quick google search can help you find several more non-goitrogenic foods to toss in your Blast.

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