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Which ingredients can help with menopause and Restless Leg Syndrome?

I am 55 years old and have been suffering with menopause symptoms (hot flashes, irritability, etc.) and sleepless nights due to restless legs syndrome for years. I do not feel comfortable taking estrogen or other hormone medications for treatment and so I simply have dealt with the discomfort. My occupation is an RN in a hospital and I am aware of the ill effects of these hormone treatements. My husband and I recently purchased the Nutribullet and read about the benefits of blasting. One of the video's we viewed on concerned a 45 year old mother who discovered the Nutribullet and said it literally changed her life. Can you suggest a blend of ingredients and recipes to address these medical issues? I do not believe the Menopause and RLS are affiliated medically although its possible. Any recommendations with respect to Nutribullet recipes that you can make individually for each would be greatly appreciated. 

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5 years ago

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Hello Lenny, I understandHello Lenny, I understand about not wanting to take any estrogen or hormone medication. I am the same way - you can try the following to see if it helps you. I have 14 friends who are 50 plus and we are all doing this without any problems with hot flashes. AM 1000 mg flax seed oil AND primrose PM 1000 mg. flax seed oil You can always try added flax seed to your shake - flax seed is so good for you. Please let us know what happens. thanks
For hot flashes and menopausal symptoms, it has been shown that choosing foods rich in phytoestrogens may help. These include legumes (particularly organic soybeans - tofu), flaxseed like Kim mentioned, other beans (lima, split peas), and alfalfa sprouts. Also, the herbs black cohosh, chasteberry, ginseng and red clover have also been reported as effective in menopause, but you should have the advice of an herbalist or naturopathic doctor before you add this to your diet. For restless leg syndrome, avoid coffee and other caffeine sources as well as alcohol. You may want to get your iron levels checked and if low, supplement with iron. It has also been shown that lavender essential oils help you relax and placing them by your pillow may reduce the RLS activity. Calcium and magnesium rich foods (or supplements) will help relax your muscles at night.
Thanks Krista. Your time and the information shared is greatly appreciated. I will pass your recommendations on to my wife. My inquiry is on her behalf. This is especially helpful in formulating a recipe for the Nutriblast. Thanks. Lenny
Hi Kim: Thanks for your post.Hi Kim: Thanks for your post. I made this inquiry on my wife's behalf. I will pass this information on to her. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Lenny

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